Blackheath Golfing Lays
The first and second series of Blackheath Golfing Lays by Thomas Marsh, Royal Blackheath's poet-laureate from 1866 to 1906, published as one book.
The first series1866-1873: this book was printed exclusively for members of Royal Blackheath.
The second series 1873-1903: This is an extremely rare book, because only one was ever produced. The text was copied from the manuscripts of the more recent Golfing Lays written by Thomas Marsh between 1873 and 1903, and found amongst his Papers after his death (1906). It consists of 328 pages on which the text for a further 45 Golfing Lays were hand-typed onto vellum paper stock by W E Hughes, (author of the Chronicles of the Blackheath Golfers, 1997), the pages were then sent to a bookbinder to be case-bound.
Designed by John Nash
Royal Blackheath Golf Club - An Abridged History
A small booklet designed to serve as a memento for a new permanent exhibition to be displayed within the clubhouse that showcased, in chronological order, its major historical artefacts (medals, cups, documents, etc).
By John Nash

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