1 Walk tall
Creating a platform 
Analysing your brand 
Whilst some of our clients know exactly who they are,  what they offer and where they’re going in business, others don’t. So, however marketing savvy you are, we help every company or organisation establish their creative platform by pinpointing an effective branding strategy, before we commit to ideas. We do this by asking all the right questions concerning brand purpose, essence, singularity and personality to establish a viable positioning. This may be as simple as meeting with you, or more complicated, like workshops with stakeholder groups and interviewing key staff, as well as competition analysis. So that we can establish your USPs and work to your strengths from day one.
2 Walk the walk
All tied-up? 
Clarifying your brand strategy
When it’s time to decide on a company tone of voice, some people get tongue-tied. Crystallising a company’s raison d’être in less than a handful of well-chosen words demands incisive thinking and critical analysis. Fortunately, this is where we can help, we’ll hold your hand while you build, extend or re-position your brand, by developing a suitable narrative for your communications, according to target profiles, cultures and locations. We’ll even help you prepare a creative brief for the next stage. This practical and cathartic exercise gives both  of us a point of reference throughout the creative and production process.
3 Don't follow, lead
First steps
Designing your brand identity 
A thoughtfully considered, well-designed idea-led logo, is the primary element of an effective brand identity and the cornerstone of good brand presentation. Whilst developing your logo, we will also be developing a supporting look and feel, this is the visual language that makes a system proprietary and immediately recognisable. It also expresses a point of view; your brand proposition. This support system of colour, imagery, typography, and composition is what makes an entire program cohesive and differentiated. It's the foundation for everything that follows.
4 Shine
Suitably polished
Creating your brand touchpoints 
When a company or organisation presents itself in  a polished and considered way, it adds immense value to any brand. We can help you find and sustain your unique visual presence with a great sense of brand style across all touchpoints, from website to literature. Our clients appreciate our project management skills, attention to detail and ability to save them money. We aim to keep the production process as simple as possible, with no confusing jargon.
5 The perfect fit
Suited and booted 
Managing your brand assets 
A good brand identity is a priceless asset which demands and deserves careful management. When it’s a perfect fit, it should serve you well across all communication tools, now and in the future, providing that the key elements are used in conjunction within well-considered guidelines. We will help you establish an intelligent and practical set of guidelines and assist you in managing its cost-effective implementation and use. This will involve creating a system precisely customised  to your requirements and include the design, management and production of the various elements. It will embrace everything from logo usage, through to typeface supervision and brand dos and don’ts.
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